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Philips REMstar Auto A-Flex CPAP

Pulmonology > Respiratory
Equipment Name : Philips REMstar Auto A-Flex CPAP
Manufacturer : Philips
Manufacturer Month - Year : 6 - 2014
Listing Date :
Minimum bid price
: INR 50400.00
Item Location :-
Country : India
Detail :-
Philips REMstar Auto A-Flex CPAP

The REMstar Auto A-Flex is a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device designed for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
It can deliver CPAP therapy or Auto-CPAP therapy.

1. Reduced sound levels
2. Improved humidity output and control
3. Easy night-time viewing
4. Enhanced filtration design
5. Operation Modes:
Auto, CPAP, CPAP-Check, Auto-Trial
6. Pressure Range:
4 – 20 cm H2O
7. Flex Type
C-Flex, C-Flex+, A-Flex
8. Lightweight and Portable
9. Designed for home use

18 months intermittently during night

Working perfectly fine