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Suction Catheter with Funnel

Item Detail
Consumable Item Category : Anesthesia
Manufacturer : Angiplast Private Limited
Unit of Measurement : Carton- 1500 Pcs
Min. Time to Dispatch : 55 Days
Country Of Origin : India
Price Per Unit : INR 41.33 (inclusive of all applicable charges and taxes)
Price Valid Till : 31/12/2017
Other Detail : Designed for tracheal / bronchial suction. Smooth clear PVC ensures efficient mucus suction while minimizing potential damage to the delicate tracheal mucous membranes. Specially designed for easy passage through plastic endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes with minimum irritation to patient.. Open distal end with elliptical eye for easy and efficient suction.. Color-coded connector at proximal end for instant identification of catheter size.. Provided with X-ray opaque line for radiological identification. Size : FG 6, EO Sterile, Poly Pack
Min. Order Quantity : 1500
In Multiples Of : 1
Quantity Required :