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Angiographic Needle

Item Detail
Consumable Item Category : medical consumables
Manufacturer : JK Medirise
Unit of Measurement : Pieces
Min. Time to Dispatch : 15 Days
Country Of Origin : India
Price Per Unit : INR 53.14 (inclusive of all applicable charges and taxes)
Price Valid Till : 01/08/2020
Other Detail : Angiographic Needle: Combine an ergonomic hub, coated stainless steel and sharpness of the tip with top clinical performance. 2 and 3 part needles offered in standard, Seldinger or Cournand shields incorporate a blunt cannula with a solid or hollow cutting stylet Available in 18/20/21 G , length 4cm/7cm Manufacturer ,exporter ,India ,plastic ,medical ,disposable ,devices ,cannula ,catheter ,gloves ,syringes ,Needles ,sutures ,bandages ,Oximeter ,Guidewire ,Haemostatic ,Interventional ,intravenous ,Introducer ,Nebulizer ,tube ,bags ,sterile ,oxygen ,Thoracic ,endotracheal ,urine ,vein ,venous ,arteries ,stent ,inflation ,jk medirise dispositivos ,médicos ,desechables ,cánula ,cateter ,guantes ,jeringuillas ,Agujas ,suturas ,vendajes
Min. Order Quantity : 5000
In Multiples Of : 1
Quantity Required :