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TUR Set/ Trans Urethral Resection Set/’Y’ Junction Set

Item Detail
Consumable Item Category : medical consumables
Manufacturer : JK Medirise
Unit of Measurement : Pieces
Min. Time to Dispatch : 20 Days
Country Of Origin : India
Price Per Unit : INR 37.79 (inclusive of all applicable charges and taxes)
Price Valid Till : 01/04/2017
Other Detail : TUR Set/ Trans Urethral Resection Set/’Y’ Junction Set: For continuous irrigation during Trans Urethral Resection. Y shaped connector facilitates alternative changes of solutions. Slide control clamp aids quick changes of bottle. Proximal end fitted with flexible latex tube allows easy connection to endoscope. Individual Packed plastic/paper bag & ETO Sterilization. Producent eksportør Indien plast medicinsk engangs udstyr kanyle kateter handsker sprøjter Needles suturer bandager Oximeter guidewire hæmostatiske interventionel intravenøs Introducer Nebulizer rør poser steril ilt Thoracic endotracheal urin vene venøse arterier stent inflation jk medirise
Min. Order Quantity : 1000
In Multiples Of : 1
Quantity Required :